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Dog Walks & Runs $20/walk  

Daily dog walking is essential to your pets happiness and health.  We offer anything from leisurely strolls for older dogs to runs for high energy dogs.  We provide 30 minutes of exercise along with refreshment of water and a treat.

Scheduled Visits $20/visit

Whether you are taking a day trip or going on a weeks vacation we are able to come visit your pet at any scheduled time during the day.  We provide 30 minutes of care which includes feeding, change of water, waste pick up/litter box maintenance, exercise, brushing, pick up of mail/packages, security check of home and plant watering.

Overnight Visits $60/evening

Some pets require extra attention and need human companionship throughout the night.  Overnight visits include all the services of a scheduled visit for the evening and morning and includes us sleeping at your home from 7pm-7am.  If you think your pet needs a visit mid day you can add an afternoon scheduled visit to their care schedule.  Best for puppies and pets with separation anxiety or medical issues.