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Pet Transportation $20/trip $40/roundtrip

We offer pet transport to and from the veterinarian, groomer and kennel when you are not available to take your pet to their appointments.

Kennels are often closed on Sunday and many pet owners rather not have their pet stay an extra day at the kennel.  You can have us pick your dog up Friday or Saturday and we can care for them until you get home.  Happy pet and no hassle for you.

Medication Administration $20/visit

We are able to administer oral medication as well as IV fluids and insulin injections.  For IV fluids and shots we require a consultation with your veterinarian so we can see the way your doctor likes to give treatment to your pet.

Consultations $40/hour

We offer help finding solutions for puppy training, acquiring a new pet for your household, as well as euthanasia decisions.  Just ask what you need help with and we can solve it or help you find someone who can.